6 Hacks to Keep Your Web Design Forever Young for Corporate Branding

Website aging is analogous to human aging. As you need to take good care of yourself, so does you need to keep your business site in excellent condition? Keep it refurbishing on contemporary standards. After all, this is from where you get money.

Every web design project, big or small, comes with specific considerations and contemplations. With the passage of time it starts appearing like an old chimney that needs renovation. The drastic consequences of not keeping your site updated are decreased user engagement, declined potential leads and, eventually, depleted conversion rate.

Make Your Corporate Identity Your Web Design Guideline

Often online retailers think once developed, websites will keep on rolling prospective users in the wake of a building of a loyal consumer base. It’s not true. You need consistent support from your hired web design agency in UK to keep your website a permanent source of revenue generation. Here you need to make the maximum benefit of your corporate business identity.

In the following, I bring you significant hacks to make your website design appear youthful with evergreen functionality.

Don’t ignore data junk, dead files and also content that’s no more beneficial for your business growth and development. Regardless of your project size and whether or not your website is growing organically, remove abandoned content and data junk. The good reason to do this is to keep up with the excellent visual appeal and performance of the website.

2. Find & Fix the Outdated Functions:

To keep your site forever young, find and fix all the old functions. Abandon all unclear coding blocks that are different types of snippets present on the website for various reasons. If you want your site to work at a glance, then take good care of coding standards. For instance, you built a site in PHP and added responsible code snippets, but now they are the part of obsolete language versions which you should not continue anymore.

3. Defective External Links:

Over the years, you may find hundreds of broken links. Either close them forever or fix them. No matter what SEO potential you invest in brand marketing and sales, if you fail in dealing with this problem, you will be going to destroy everything you built – sooner or later. There is no second opinion in it. External links once get defective will leave a negative impact on your Google ranks. If you do not want to experience this suffering, then don’t delay in fixing the problematic links.

4. Broken Internal Links:

You cannot afford to ignore this problem as well. If you don’t pay attention and deal with side effects of broken links or 404 errors, it will hurt your business to the core. It may put you out of the competition because if not detected and resolved timely then it will affect your site’s ranking resulting in decreased search engine visibility.

5. Improvise CMS Nomenclature:

A robust content management system is the cornerstone of business sites. You can upgrade it whenever there is a new update. But, often you may not clear about updating the CMS or not. Today, it as a standard thing to do. Continues blending of different platforms is a plus.

Don’t allow your CMS turn wild; it usually happens when site’s clear structures turned into a maze. For example, if you want to add a database query and developer doesn’t know how to do that in the current CMS and flange-mount HTML coded website allied with an external MySQL database to deliver the required information. I doubt if it’s not going to trouble you while submitting your offer.

6. Go Latest with Mobile-First Index:

It’s good to stick to well-established web design trends such as responsiveness, parallax interaction, noticeable CTAs, convenient checkout process, and easy navigation, etc. But, as a web designer, avoid going through a wrong door. It means make well-informed technological principle decisions.

All businesses need barrier-free website designs since the year dot. Therefore, they should have sites that work properly on all types of mobile devices. But, at the same time, no business can afford missing out any trend such as Google’s recently introduced mobile-first index feature.


If you need a forever attractive, young and productive website, then keep its design overhauled at regular intervals – ensuring seamless user interface leading to the exceptional user experience. Keep your web design simplistic and responsive while supporting all devices, browsers and digital marketing platforms for boosted conversions and staying in the business lead.

Custom Screen Printing for Your Team Events

Wearing customized t-shirts is becoming more than just a simple fashion trend. The purpose of wearing similar t-shirts goes way beyond covering your body with a piece of fabric. Recently, custom screen printing has become one of the most popular methods to add quirkiness to t-shirts with short phrases, number, and logos. This technique used in t-shirts has a very positive effect especially when it comes to your team events.

Whether it’s a sports event or a corporate event, you need your members to have good team spirit. A team that perfectly gels together and gets the right motivation can easily achieve success. If you want your event team to reach your objective, you need to give them some motivation to drive forward. Getting them exclusive custom screen-printed clothing might be the thing to make your team events a big hit.

What is customer Screen Printing?

It is a technique to create a picture or some customized design and pattern mostly on a clothing material. The printing process has various steps that guarantee high-quality printing result. A favorite choice amongst numerous corporations around the world, custom screen printing ensures that you get the sharpest results.

How does it Work?

Determining the type of screen and frame is the first step to take. The screen used consists of a piece of mesh with a frame netted around it. The mesh material is usually a polymer such as nylon. For more accuracy and sharpness, the mesh must be under a certain level of tension. The frame material can be either wood or a metal depending upon the type of machine used.

The second phase of the process involves the formation of the specified pattern. This involves blocking certain areas of the screen to make way for open parts for the ink in the substrate. Secondly, the targeted area makes contact with an emulsion with a certain degree of exposure. This results in a clean and perfectly shaped space where the design gets printed. A pallet tape coats the printing surface to keep the ink from leaking or staining other parts of the material. Pallet tape comes in different strengths and depends upon the type of ink used. The next step in the phase is to line the screen and the frame with a special kind of tape. The type of tape used depends on the level of viscosity. For instance, in case of lower viscosity, you will need a more forceful tape. Examples of such inks are mostly UV and water based.

The final phase involves the filling of the mesh after the screen is in a position above the substrate. The assigned worker carefully gets the screen in contact with the filling bar, equipped with an ink reservoir. If done faultlessly, the ink injects into the mesh holes without any leaks.

After the screen is ready, it is now time to squeeze. To do this, the operator uses a squeegee and a rubber blade that makes sure that the ink stays in order. Finally, the printing process is completed with a high quality design as a guaranteed output.

Why Use It For Your Team Events?

The most important benefit of getting screen printing is that others can easily recognize you. A team wearing the same t-shirts with the same designs and logo easily stands out from the rest of the crowd. You can also use screen printing on t-shirts as a marketing strategy. Making your marketing team wear a t-shirt that displays your new products or services might gain you some valuable clients.

Screen printing for your team event is a necessary step for team building. Team coordination and chemistry is vital to work together for reaching your goals. By putting on similar clothing materials, your team members will feel equal and valued at the same time. This eradicates any negative thoughts regarding superiority and unfair treatment.