The Best Business Ideas From America

One of the most wanted terms on the founder portal is now “Business Idea USA”.

Not for nothing, because many initially crazy-looking business ideas sooner or later in more or less modified form make the successful jump. And there are always great business ideas from overseas.

Well copied is better than bad thought out

You can look at the most successful startups and companies in the world reveals that a lot of good business ideas come from America: the accommodation portal Airbnb, the cloud service Dropbox or the taxi alternative Uber.

True to the motto “well copied is better than badly thought out” many companies are inspired by business ideas from America. They develop a kind of alternative, so-called copycats, for the American or European market.

The advantage is obvious: the idea has been tested and successfully introduced to its home market. As a result, founders can reduce the risk of developing a service or product that is doomed to failure.

Despite the tried and tested business idea, startups need to research whether the business ideas from America work in this country – whether there is a market for them here as well. Without it, even the best business idea is useless.

How exactly do copycats come about?

Copycats are basically taking advantage of globalization and digitization. It used to be relatively difficult to hear in a short time about a new, revolutionary and effective business idea.

When the right sources are tapped on the Internet, a new idea spreads like wildfire today. Consequently, clones can implement an idea that has been successfully established in the USA within a very short time, anywhere.

Although copycats use an existing idea to their advantage, there are certainly startups that just copy the idea or its meaning. The clever minds usually have to take care of the actual implementation.

What pros and cons Copycats have

The clawing of a business idea is associated with certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • copying business ideas from America brings something new
  • the business idea is proven and works, reducing risk
  • the proven idea reduces development costs
  • market analysis and testing are easier, reducing costs
  • it’s easier to startup capital if the idea has already been tested


Startups need to be careful not to infringe on overseas patents or copyrights

  • copying business ideas from America’s established companies is difficult because you can not always prevail against the established ones
  • copycats do not always have the creative minds on board who offer to develop something unique

5 American business ideas as a copy template

Here are some examples that may serve as inspiration for implementing your own ideas:

1 . Rent instead of buying:

In the US, renting has become an excellent alternative to buying. The Americans have realized that it is not worth buying certain products. First and foremost, children’s toys are rented because the kids are developing at a rapid pace and are always in need of new toys.

2 . Fitness Boom:

Whether it is the number of corpulent people is hard to say, the fact is that in the US a few years ago, a veritable boom in fitness broke out. There are countless ideas about how ordinary people get fit – with online trainers, special bracelets or other methods. Almost all systems are based on proven exercises and products. However, these are always packaged a little differently.

3. Anti-energy drinks:

As the name suggests, it is the opposite of the energy drinks, whose pioneer Red Bull became popular in the 1990s. The drinks do not push body and mind, but help to relax.

4. Precycling:

While recycling takes place after using a product, precycling begins before that. It is one of many business ideas from America that is not only interesting but protects the environment. The idea: to sell food without packaging. All products are sold loose, so consumers need to bring their own containers to transport them.

5. Online shop with fashion advice:

Online shops serve an important purpose for people who have little time to shop. They quickly put products in the shopping cart and pay without having to wait at the cash register. But there are people for whom shopping is not so easy and would like fashion advice. Trunk Club is one of many business ideas from America that has implemented this concept. Employees advise men when buying clothes to find the right size and the best styling.